Giving a set of Weathergrams is one of the most thoughtful ways to bring continued pleasure to a friend or loved one. This is a delightful gift! As you take a walk in a park, in your garden, or as you travel, you can leave a stimulating verse for others to happen upon.

You might tie a Weathergram to a package in addition to the bow, or include one in a greeting card for the recipient to hang outdoors. A Weathergram is fun to read and always leaves an insightful thought and warm feeling to those who receive them, or perchance come upon them swaying from a branch in the breeze.

Weathrgrams by Tana

Weathergrams were first introduced by Lloyd Reynolds in 1972, while he was an English professor and calligrapher at Reed College in Portland, OR.

They were inspired by the Japanese prayer slips found at many temples and shrines. Weathergrams are about nature and weather, or “weather writing.” Each verse is a sentence or sentence fragment of ten words or less.

Weathrgrams by Tana